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The Henderson Alliance welcomes membership from all sectors of business however only SME’s (as defined by the ABS) possess full voting rights.


This is to protect the integrity of our existence which is the capability growth and business development of the SME community. Members receive the first invitation and priority uptake of events and training, free or subsidised and SME Members have the full level of advocacy to Primes. 

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Please see Henderson Alliance memberships available. 

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  • Advocacy and Networking with Primes

  • First access to Free or Subsidised training and events

  • B2B Networking

  • First access to free or Subsidised places at industry focused conferences and conventions

  • Industry updates and opportunities sent out as they are released

  • Regular sponsorship opportunities

                                                    Cost $750* per year 

*Full membership is $750 per annum which is charged pro-rata for new members by quarters up to December 15th each year.  

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Subsidised membership is offered at the discretion of the board to 

  • Sole Traders,

  • New/Start-Up Business,

  • Not-For-Profits and

  • Micro Business for the first 12 months.

Subsidised Members have access to all communications and networking events. 

To join as a Subsidised Member please submit a written application to The Board via email providing information regarding the business including:

  • Are you a sole trader?

  • How long has the business been trading?

  • Annual turnover and number of staff?

  • What do you hope to get out of your Membership

-Helen Keller-

Henderson Alliance Members 

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AB&H specialises in Agile Project Management and Configuration Management – the latter an important aspect of all Defence projects. Contemporary project management methodologies recognise the need to be agile (adaptable), especially in world that experiences frequent change but uncontrolled change must be avoided, otherwise the project budget can be exhausted and project deliverables may not be fit for purpose. AB&H applies Configuration Management as a key aspect of Agile Project Management. 70


AB&H specialists in assisting companies to apply for the Federal Government R&D Tax Incentive. AB&H can prepare all the required R&D project information and submit on behalf of the company. AB&H can also determine the eligible project expenditure – Total Notional Deductions – for which companies can receive a Tax Incentive.”

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Adisyn Cyber, a top-tier independent and agnostic cyber security consultancy, specialises in providing solutions and outcomes to complex cyber security issues.


Utilising contextual data science, AI, and tactical consulting, they tailor their approach to instill clarity, conviction, and confidence in risk and systems owners. Adisyn Cyber comprehensive services include detailed threat and risk assessments, effective incident response coordination, Chief Security Officer placements, and robust awareness training for executives and staff.


Adisyn Cyber is dedicated to fortifying your organization's cyber resilience, ensuring preparedness against evolving digital threats.


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APEX Engineering Technology Group (ETG), is a ‘Surface Engineering Solutions Company’ specialising in industrial repairs. They leverage modern laser technology and develop specialty applications in laser cladding and hard-facing fields. They design and execute surface solutions for functional issues such as corrosion, erosion, abrasion, friction, delamination, impact, and chemical and temperature-related failures.

APEX ETG’s flagship offering, provides numerous benefits:

  1. Durability: The in-house process greatly increases components' resistance to wear, corrosion, and heat, thus extending their lifespan.

  2. Precision: A broad range of laser technologies ensures exact precision in cladding across all component sizes, achieving outstanding surface quality and improved performance.

  3. Cost-Efficiency: It serves as an economical substitute for part replacement, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

  4. Customisation: They specialise in tailored solutions, utilising diverse lasers and cladding techniques, along with a vast selection of powders, and customer specific blends to provide precise results.

  5. Sustainability: Their laser cladding enhances repair quality, reduces material waste, and improves part longevity, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices.

  6. Non-Invasiveness: The low heat affected zone, preserves the base material's integrity.

  7. Innovative Research and Development: APEX ETG’s in-house metallurgical lab underpins their continuous innovation in laser cladding, focusing on sustainable enhancements.

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Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs is a developer of metal 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology based in Canning Vale, Western Australia.


Aurora Labs’ multi-discipline engineering team can design, modify and 3D print both new and legacy parts.


Aurora offers an end-to-end solution from inventory assessment, 3D scanning, design and optimization for duty, to production and deployment. Using both proprietary in-house metal 3D printers and a combination of third-party plastic machines, Aurora are able to offer short-run and serial 3D printing in metals as well as in a wide range of polymers.

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Bellinger Systems

Bellinger Systems – Supporting a connected force.

Bellinger Systems, is a 100% Australian and Veteran owned company providing a diverse range of design, manufacture and in-service support activities on Defence systems and equipment around Australia. 

Bellinger possesses capabilities across radar, control, power, communication and navigation systems. Bellinger offers leading edge skills, focused on the latest electronic and communication systems utilised by the Australian Defence Force. 

Bellinger goes far beyond the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the Defence Force’s existing systems and equipment. We have the capability to design and manufacture both complete systems and system components. With distributor and service level agreements with a range of global Defence related companies, Bellinger can work with customers to develop, upgrade, install and commission systems and equipment. 

Based on both sides of the country, Bellinger is dedicated to continuing our national support to the Australian Defence Force, as it has done for over 50 years.

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Bennett Law is a Perth-based market leading specialist commercial and corporate law firm with a commitment to provide impeccable legal advice and representation.


We have a unique interest in emerging technologies and the issues facing businesses working with Western Australia’s defence industry.

With extensive local networks on the ground and a deep personal interest spanning many decades, our defence and aerospace team are focussed on understanding and identifying the distinctive issues faced by West Australian SMEs working in the sector.


Backed by one of Perth’s largest litigation and high quality front-end commercial practices, we are able to mobilise rapidly to provide the best commercial outcome for our clients.

Mark MacLennan, Principal, Bennett Law

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Bravo  Electrical & HVAC

Bravo Electrical & HVAC Pty Ltd is a leading provider of electrical, refrigeration and HVAC services for the defence marine and commercial industries.


They specialise in delivering high-quality solutions that meet the unique requirements of naval vessels and maritime infrastructure. Their experienced team ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, offering comprehensive services such as installation, repairs, maintenance and system inspection.


In the commercial sector, Bravo Electrical & HVAC caters to various offshore assets, including commercial vessels, tug/haulage vessels and superyachts providing efficient and reliable solutions. They prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional service and technical expertise. With a strong focus on professionalism and industry standards, Bravo Electrical & HVAC Pty Ltd is the trusted partner for electrical, refrigeration and HVAC needs in both the defence marine and commercial sectors.

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Brooksbank Valves Australia

Brooksbank Valves Australia is a specialist Australian manufacturer of high-specification valve solutions from copper based and exotic alloyed materials for use in all seawater and naturally corrosive applications.


Their valves are used for demanding applications where material selections of Bronze, Nickel Aluminium Bronze, HTB1,Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium, Alloy 20, Monel®, Hastelloy® and Inconel® are considered minimum requirements.


Brooksbank Valves began in the UK almost 70 years ago as a designer and manufacturer for Defence, mining, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, marine and water treatment industries. They're bringing valve manufacturing to Australia; creating local jobs and reducing delivery times for products to our customers.


They've expanded to Australia to further ensure they can provide local service and responsiveness to existing and new customers.

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Cool Technology

Cool Technology, since 2001 has been a leading provider of HVAC & Refrigeration services to defence, marine, shipping, mining and commercial industries.

From design, procurement, installation & lifetime maintenance, Cool Technology solves your complete Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Cool/Freezer Room & ice making needs.

CT is the sole Authorised Marine Service Agent for Bitzer Green Point Australia. Recently became a distributor of the complete range Envirofluid products.

For more information please visit the company’s websites:

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CoreIoT's SMART Shop Floor Solution is a digital supply chain solution that connects suppliers and customers with a centralised portal to provide visibility, transparency, and confidence to establish true collaboration.


SMART Shop Floor solution assists manufacturing businesses to digitise their production scheduling processes, Quality and Inspection workflows to eliminate waste and improve safety and quality to drive internal efficiency.


SMART Shop Floor Solution is specifically designed for jobbing shops and advanced make-to-order manufacturers to improve and grow their business.  SMART Shop Floor solution is developed and supported by the local technology business COREIoT.


COREIoT is ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified with the internationally recognised standards in their Perth Office by Bureau Veritas – a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body.

For more information please visit the company’s websites:

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Defence Seals & Spares

Defence Seals & Spares is Australian owned and operated.  They are specialists in the supply of certified components and spare parts for Australian Defence Force ships, submarines, aircraft and land force vehicles.


As a SME, they possess agility, enabling them to offer meticulous attention to detail and demonstrate remarkable effectiveness, especially in urgent situations.  Company principle is to consistently provide quality of service, not quantity of supply.

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Dongara Marine

Established in 1975, and now operating from a new, purpose-designed and built shipbuilding and vessel sustainment facility on the waterfront in Geraldton, Dongara Marine specialises in the construction, modification, and maintenance of custom commercial and government vessels.

The shipbuilder has qualified and experienced staff, as well as ISO 9001 approved processes, to undertake virtually all work aspects in-house. This includes manufacturing vessels from aluminium and/or high tech composite materials.

Locally operating SME ensures compliance with local requirements and supports Australian industry participation

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Earthtrack Group

Earthtrack Group is a leading supplier of industrial Lighting Systems, including solar options, for mining, defence, government and building industries.

The advantage of working with Earthtrack is the ability to source fit-for-purpose solutions. Our lighting is designed for applications such as remote, underground, corrosive/explosive, marine and medical. We also custom fabricate workstands, platforms and a range of industrial supplies to keep your site moving forward safely.

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Ecosafe International

Ecosafe International is a leading risk management consultancy specialising in the interface between water and health across the water cycle. Our dynamic and independent team has a proven track record of providing practical, risk-based solutions across a wide range of sectors, including aged and healthcare, institutional and commercial, mining, oil and gas, defence and maritime.

At Ecosafe, we pride ourselves on our independence, which ensures our clients receive sound, balanced advice upon which to base their management decisions. Our team's skills and experience are diverse, complemented by proven academic and practical 'hands on' track records, including experience associated with previous roles with the States' health regulator.

With our valued experience & expertise, Ecosafe International is ideally positioned to add value to our clients within the ever-changing & challenging risk management sector. We provide practical solutions that meet our clients' unique needs, & we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional service to our clients across the globe.

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Energy Power Systems

Energy Power Systems Australia is the authorised supplier of Caterpillar® engines, generators, and power solutions throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands offering Caterpillar® power generation solutions in various industries and applications.


Having several branches across Australia, the Marine Excellence Centre based in WA, provides services to marine governmental, defence and commercial segments offering,  technical expertise, design, equipment selection, project management, documentation, class certification support and commissioning  for turkey Marine Power Solutions.

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Executive Risk Solutions

ERS is a world leader in crisis & emergency management, emergency response and specialist security.

We are backed by a strong network of partners and led by an elite team from the Military Special Forces, Fire & Emergency Services and Law Enforcement.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with offices across Asia and Africa, our 350+ global advisors and experts operate 24/7 mitigating risks in complex international locations, remote areas and high density urban centres.

Tiffany Pollack

Manager- Strategic Partnerships

Tel: +61 (0) 424 248 269


Field Machine Tools

Field Machine Tools (FMT) is a privately owned Australian company that is Australasia’s leading suppliers for specialist on-site machining equipment and portable maintenance machines designed to provide engineering solutions for field applications to minimise downtime.

We stock a comprehensive range of Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines, Portable Lathes, Portable Milling Machines, Flange Facers, Bore Welding & Line Boring Machines.

Franmarine - Providing Practical Solutions Logo.png


Franmarine are members of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and the trusted Australian owned underwater service provider to the Defence, Shipping, Infrastructure and Resource industries.


Established in 1981, Franmarine represents professional integrity, high quality service and commercial stability.  With a national footprint and headquartered in the Australian Marine Complex, Franmarine operates under a highly experienced management team that are committed to providing practical solutions to industry.


Franmarine provides a unique underwater ships husbandry (a consolidated underwater cleaning inspection, maintenance and repair) capability recognised as a Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority.

To see more of what we offer, please watch our new video released in partnership with WA Defence Review here.

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Future Engineering

Future Engineering is an Advanced Manufacturing Company and offers a variety of specialised machining and Fabrication services.

Future Engineering has been manufacturing precision components for many industries from its Perth based factory since 1991. The new and larger facility, along with an investment in up to date CNC machinery has allowed us to keep abreast of industry standards. Their experienced First Class Machinists and staff are committed to producing high-quality machined parts.

Future Engineering specialise in the manufacture and project management of complex components and assemblies across assets' entire life-cycles, working in a range of materials from plastics through to high-strength alloys. From any project's initial construction through its sustainment and obsolescence management, for their components they organise all subcontractors, prototyping, materials, machining, testing, delivery and repair.

For any client, they are a premier high-quality and low-risk fabrication solution.        Watch video

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Established in 2012, Geomarine is an employee-owned nearshore marine construction business, focused on the defence, transport, recreational, mining and oil & gas sectors.  Based in Western Australia, they work with public and private sector clients to deliver their marine infrastructure needs.  They operate primarily in the Western Australian market, however, have capability for project delivery across Australia.

Their team of experienced and driven people, headed by leaders in the marine construction industry, seek to bring innovative solutions to all projects to deliver cost-effective turnkey solutions for all clients under various contracting models.

Geomarine perform services as either a head contractor or specialist sub-contractor executing marine construction and driven piling scopes on multi-disciplined projects.  They are focussed on self-performing all aspects of structural works and engage with a local network of subcontractors, fabricators, and suppliers for delivery of various services scopes.  They have a collaborative approach to project delivery which ensures they work with the supply chain as one team focused on delivering the best results for clients.

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Griffin Marine Services

Griffin Marine Services provides multi-disciplinary industrial services and project management to Prime Contractors, Shipbuilders and marine service companies in the Defence and commercial sectors.


We service over 60 clients across Australia and the Pacific, including prime Defence contractors such as Austal, Babcock, BAE,  Navantia, Teekay, Thales and Bhagwan, Birdon Marine, MSC and SeaSwift in the commercial sector with capabilities including DNV/Lloyds class welding, preservation, mechanical/hydraulics and fabrication.


Griffin Marine Services prides itself on proactive and professional support service to all clients. Our testimonials are proof we can deliver high-quality and trustworthy service in the shortest time.


HDS Hoses Australia

HDS Hoses Australia is a hydraulic and industrial hose assembly manufacturer supplying to the Marine, Defence, Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas markets.

HDS Hoses Australia are ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 (NATA) accredited for assembly and pressure testing. Our facility manufactures and tests hose assemblies to the highest standards, and all hose assemblies for Marine and Defence are accompanied with NATA endorsed pressure test reports, ss hose tags, and permanently marked ferrules for traceability, with complete materials traceability to EN 10204 type 3.1 offered.

HDS is ABS, Lloyds Register, and DNV-GL authorised hose assembler, supplying certified assemblies to the Marine and Defence industries. HDS are approved to supply into the Defence Industry; with previous experience surveying and supplying hoses to a number of Australian NAVY Amphibious Assault Ships, Patrol Boats, Survey Ships and Frigates.



Hughans Saw Service has been operating for 65 years and is the largest saw supply and sharpening company in Western Australia servicing both Australian and overseas customers. We have a diverse range of equipment and the knowledge, technology and expertise to supply, sharpen and manufacture just about anything that cuts, grinds or drills.

Our products range from bandsaws and circular saws to router bits, custom-made cutters, cutting fluids and consumables.

Hughans works with many sectors within the engineering, fabrication, mining, construction, defence, ship building, woodworking, agriculture and service industries that utilize metals, plastics, wood and more exotic materials, helping businesses improve productivity, operational efficiency, cost effectiveness and minimize downtime.

Contact: General Manager - Justin Norrish Tel 9244 1977.

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Hydraulic Energy

To be recognised leader within the fluid power industry through responsiveness, operational excellence and continuous improvement to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

HEA have a dedicated and experienced team of engineers and technicians to provide a full spectrum of in-house and site-based services on clients assets.

We offer a multi-disciplined design service to create standard and custom engineering solutions through a lean project management approach.

HEA offer a range of hydraulic components from leading manufactures around the globe.

HEA offer a wide range of hydraulic tools and equipment readily available for Short and Long Term Hire.

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Indianic Group Pty Ltd is a multi-disciplined marine maintenance and construction organisation based in Henderson, Western Australia.


Their services include both Topsides and Subsea "Inspection Repairs and Maintenance" (IRM) on marine orientated infrastructure, including:


•  Wharves & Jetties,

•  Fixed and Floating Navigational Aids,

•  Vessel Mooring Systems,

•  Ports & Harbours Support Equipment (Fenders, Gangways & Bollards etc)

•   Ports Instruments “Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler (AWAC) & Wave Rider Buoys (WRB)


Indianic is also experienced in conducting ships underwater husbandry and repair activities on both Defence & Commercial Vessels, having Lloyd's Register (LR) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approvals to conduct "In-Water Survey’s" on vessels covered under these classification societies.


Indianic also provided salvage services with over 80tn of subsea lift bags in stock Henderson.


Indianic is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 45001:2018 OH&S Management Systems and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, additionally Indianic has obtained Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Membership. 

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Business Innovation Services

Business Innovation Services (BIS) is experienced in providing business coaching, consulting, and development services. Their main clients are Australian-based small and medium size businesses (SMBs) wanting to grow and increase their profitability and company value.  

BIS have a strong track record of achieving outstanding results for their customers.  They have successfully helped many businesses to grow and develop in various industries including sustainability technologies, manufacturing, transport and storage, trades, wholesale supply and professional services such as health and architectural services.

They have a bespoke client-focused approach to our business practices and strive for excellence in everything we do.


BIS can help your business meet the requirements of the Defence Business Readiness Tool (DBRT) to become long-term and profitable suppliers to the Defence Industry.  They also have access to other relevant service providers, if and when required, such as cyber security specialists and contract lawyers.

Services are mostly delivered by the Principal Consultant John Tedesco. He has assisted many organisations in various industries to plan and achieve their goals. John has also been a business mentor and adviser to many SMB owners during the past 20 years in a variety of industries.

Screenshot 2023-06-18 192150.jpg

Kerr Engineering

Kerr Engineering is a privately owned multi-skilled offering a range of engineering services principally encompassing:

  • Design & Drafting

  • Fabrication & Welding

  • Coded Welding Services

  • Precision Machining

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Component Manufacture

Based in Henderson WA we work with a diverse range of clients providing a high quality service within budget and to schedule.

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LMATS - Laboratories for Materials Advanced Testing Services - Provide Australia wide services including Non Destructive Testing, Chemical Analysis, Metallurgical, Certification, Engineering Services.

LMATS Pty Ltd is a long established and well-known Asset Integrity Service Provider with an Australian national footprint.  NATA accredited facilities located in Melbourne, Albury, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Perth.

LMATS offers clients a range of advanced/conventional NDT testing methods and provides a full array of mechanical testing services with high degree of flexibility, value-add consultancy to the highest level of integrity.

NDT | Non Destructive Testing | Chemical Analysis | Metallurgical | Certification | Engineering Services | Victoria Australia | LMATS - Laboratories for Materials Advanced Testing Services - LMATS

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Magnetic People are your strategic partner in all Human Resources, Employee Relations, Industrial Relations, and Talent Acquisition matters, providing tactical, customised and considered people solutions that optimise business and financial performance.


We deliver tailored solutions for day-to-day business as well as project work to maximise the productivity of your organisation and optimise the effectiveness of your people. 

We can help you with designing your overall people strategy, dealing with employee relations matters, industrial relations, drafting or reviewing your HR policies and procedures, leadership capability and training, remuneration, improving employee engagement and communication, attraction, recruitment and retention strategies, diversity strategies, employee health and wellbeing and HR automation. From drafting contracts and guidelines, to participating in leadership meetings, communicating your people strategy.

ME service logo 3.jpg

ME Services

ME Services is a WA owned and operated asset engineering service specializing in end to end  Mechanical (HVAC) and Electrical solution.


Our multi-skilled and experienced team of engineering professional and technician deliver a full cycle asset engineering services covering; Engineering design, procurement, project management, construction, commissioning, maintenance and condition monitoring.


We are committed to deliver quality and cost effective solution tailored to our client requirement.

MLBF 001 Social Media Logo - Stacked Light_edited.jpg

Melissa Lithgow Consulting

Unlock the game-changing power of Strategic Marketing for your business with our expert consultancy services.


Drawing on over 20 years of industry expertise, we specialise in guiding medium-sized business owners towards a state of blue ocean thinking. This transformative approach opens the door to untapped opportunities and unleashes your business's true potential.


Through a unique blend of strategic insight and consistency, we equip your business for long-lasting, repeatable success. By establishing an authentic brand positioning, we ensure your business stands out in a crowded marketplace, capturing the attention and loyalty of your target audience.


Experience the difference that strategic marketing can make for your business. Contact us today to embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and unparalleled market success.

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Novel Management

Novel Management is a West Australian-owned Defence consulting firm.

They offer a comprehensive range of tailored professional services to suit the needs of Defence SMEs, Prime Contractors, and Government Agencies.


Their boutique firm and associates full suite of services include: 


•           Business advisory and mentoring

•           Strategic planning

•           Defence market access and capture

•           Industry engagement and representation

•           Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership

•           Policy creation and implementation for defence tenders

•           Project management and controls

•           Grant writing and innovation (ASCA) applications

•           Quad Chart (Capability Statement) Development

•           Procurement activities

•           Tender writing and plan development


Novel Management take pride in their commitment to excellence and focus on helping all clients succeed in their goals.

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OLP Robotics

OLP Robotics is a local robotic integration business with experience in cobot and traditional robot installations, specialising in welding and thermal spray processes. OLP Robotics has built strategic partnerships with premium hardware and software providers, enabling us to deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients. As a Universal Robots authorised System Integrator, our current focus is cobot welding which is proving game-changing for the manufacturing industry. Cobot welding presents a huge opportunity for Australian businesses to adopt automation and improve the quality and productivity of their welding processes. With a lower capital investment, incredible versatility and extreme ease of use, businesses can alleviate the strains of the skills shortage and achieve ROI in typically less than 12 months.

With in-house 3D design and simulation capabilities, OLP Robotics are able to deliver complete working solutions tailored to our customers individual needs. We typically begin by understanding the customer needs and conducting a reach and feasibility assessment before advising on the solution.

OLP Robotics is dedicated to supporting Australian companies to improve their safety, quality, capability and productivity through affordable process automation.


Pressure Dynamics International are an Original Equipment Manufacturer, focused on providing engineering, manufacturing and maintenance solutions for our Energy, Mining, Marine and Defence clients.

Since 1979, PD’s have been at the forefront of delivering expert and sustainable services for challenging and complex environments. Our experience in hydraulic and lifting systems along with innovation and dedicated solutions ensure that we implement and follow a future-driven approach to consistently stay sustainable.

Pressure Dynamics International have a dedicated team of over 150 employees, with locations in Darwin, Karratha, Perth, and Bunbury. Our reputation for excellence and values have facilitated our continuous growth in the industry.

For further information about PD’s products and services, please visit our website:

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RCR Advanced Technologies

RCR is a market leader in designing and manufacturing innovative, award-winning solutions and has developed a Marine Gangway to meet Defence vessel-specific requirements, including personnel safety, cargo loading and speed of deployment in all weather conditions and tidal variations.


Our award-winning in-house design has built a proud history and enviable reputation since 1979 for delivering high-quality client-integrated equipment solutions, including safety, remote control, automation, hydraulics, mechanical, materials handling, maintenance, and mobility elements, to national and international markets.


As one of the few remaining Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in Australia, we pride ourselves on our end-to-end service, from understanding your specific need to concept, design development, collaboration, final design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and product support for the full equipment life cycle.

Regional Development .jpg


Regional Development Perth branch forms part of the RDA Network, an Australian Government initiative that aims to bring together all levels of government to enhance the growth and development of Australia through economic development.

rms_pri_hor_rgb (002).png

R.Moore & Sons

R. Moore & Sons, founded in 1920, have Australia's most comprehensively equipped diesel engine component remanufacturing facility.

A world class facility located in Perth, Western Australia providing a complete "one stop" service for the remanufacturing of diesel engine components including turbos and fuel injection systems.

Supporting Australia’s Defence sector has been intrusted upon us since WWII. Having a philosophy of true remanufacturing by highly skilled technicians results in full expected component life and is paramount for consistent reliability.

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Roxtec Australia

Roxtec Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1990 and is the world leader within cable & pipe sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits.


This highly flexible system is suitable for protection against hazards induced by Water, Gas, Fire, Smoke, EMC, Rodents, Explosion & Vibration. Our sealing system was originally designed for the marine industry and is certified by all major classification societies. The same systems are also suited to defence, process industries, mining, rail rolling stock, rail infrastructure, power generation, power transmission and distribution, telecommunications, datacentres, and anywhere where a cable or pipe runs through a penetration.


Roxtec seals protect against multiple risks and provides all that you need to ensure safety and operational reliability.


Products and Services

Multi Cable/ pipe transit         ●    Single cable/ pipe transit

Enclosures                             ●    Underground

EMC/ EMI                               ●    Ex hazardous

Sealing Components

 Contact: Markus Widlitzke

PERTH   +61 8 8464 3304      SYDNEY +61 2 9708 0055


Safety Direct Solutions

Safety Direct Solutions (SDS), founded in 2004, is an industry leader setting the benchmark in Security Services, High Risk Services, Emergency Management, Medical Services and Safety Training within the Australasian region.

SDS prides itself in the quality of its services and is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 51632).

SDS has offices in Perth, Darwin and Sydney which serve our key client base which includes Tier 1 mining companies and infrastructure support providers.

Additionally, SDS holds established business in the Government sector providing high risk management services to ADF naval assets and State policing services.

Screenshot 2023-06-30 053139.jpg

Sitep Australia

Sitep Australia is a small defence and telecommunications company established in Australia in 1999 as a subsidiary of Sitep Italia, established in 1975. 


We have a long-standing reputation for designing, developing and supplying telecommunications, navigation, and maritime surveillance to the Commonwealth of Australia and the New Zealand Defence Force, in addition to supplying over 20 navies around the world. 


Our mission is to focus on Australian Sovereign Capabilities to support local defence.  We fully own all patents of our high-end products, including the UHF MILSATCOM Antenna System; the Military GPS system; Wind & Meteo Sensor; and the Multirole Acoustic Stabilised System (MASS).  Our capabilities include engineering, manufacturing and testing, field service, and integrated logistics support, both for navy and land.

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qr-code (3).png


Spectur specialises in providing wireless solar-powered camera platforms that are manufactured in Perth Australia and installed using in-house field services team.


They also develop their own software code and store all data in Australia. Spectur already have systems in use by defence for the following applications;

  • Security and surveillance

  • Illegal dumping prevention

  • Emergency warning for flood, fire and other events

  • Environmental monitoring


The platforms can be purchased, leased or rented and can be installed in permanent configurations or mobile arrangements including mobile bases and trailers. Systems have the option of integrated flood light and siren to help prevent break-ins or intrusions occurring in the first place and are all connected to the cloud so events that are triggered go directly to the customers or to designated security companies.

Systems are provided on their own video management system or they can be integrated into any existing VMS that customers may have. The systems are robust in design and have been proven to operate in the Australian environments with over 5 days battery back up as standard on our solutions.

For more information please visit - Solar-Powered Camera & Security Systems | Spectur


Specialty Metals

Specialty Metals are leading distributors of quality corrosion-resistant

and high-temperature alloys.

With access to some of the largest producers and stocking distributors across the globe, they specialise in non-standard items and hard-to-find alloys and product forms.

Their range includes corrosion-resistant alloys, high-temperature alloys, nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, copper-based alloys, zirconium,tantalum, niobium, aluminium, carbon steel and chrome molybdenum.

Specialty Metals is a leading distributor of quality titanium, stainless steel, and exotic alloys. Drawing on materials, skills, and knowledge from the world's most sophisticated, well-known, and trusted mills, stockists and distributors, they provide a comprehensive range of products in numerous metals types and grades.

Need Metal? We get it!

Screenshot 2023-07-03 201913.jpg

Successful Projects

Successful Projects are a WA based project management consultancy.


They specialise in Project Management, Superintendence, detailed Project Planning, Project Execution and Extension of time (EOT) Claims. 


They are ISO 9001 certified in Project Management, Planning and Scheduling, and EOT Claims system.

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Thomas Fabrication

Thomas Fabrication are Steel Forming and Fabrication Specialists.

They specialise in pressing and rolling a variety of steel grades, from mild steel, stainless, aluminium, impact-resistant steels, titanium, and exotics to tight tolerances. Thomas Fabrication retain a highly skilled fabrication capability for manufacture of intermediate and completed products.

They utilise universal press brake tooling across six press brakes, which ensures that every setup can be applied to every machine. This interchangeability provides schedule security and enables quicker scaling of volume production.


Thomas Fabrication primarily service Mining, Civil and Automotive clients, but have project experience in Defence, Agriculture, Rail, Oil & Gas, Architectural and Specialist Manufacturing.

They are specialists who engage with other specialists, and having developed a reputation for quick, quality work at a reasonable price – the clients are their best advocates.

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Specialising in high-risk, large-scale and challenging projects, TBH has partnered with both public and private sector to provide simple solutions to their most complex problems, since 1965.

As Australia’s largest privately owned, independent consultancy with an international footprint, we provide specialist project management services including planning and scheduling, cost management, risk management, project controls, P3M & PMO.

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United Fastners

Welcome to United Fasteners. We’re Australia’s largest independent distributor of fastening products and industrial supplies.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a market leader and are recognised for exceptional service, timely delivery, competitiveness, and total solutions. We stock a comprehensive range of products, including: fasteners & fixings, abrasives, cutting tools, sealants, adhesives, lubricants, hand tools, safety, construction chemicals, materials handling, petrochemical and special manufacture.

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VOLZ Australia

Volz Australia, renowned for quality products and service, and is Australia’s largest stockist of 316Ti Stainless Steel Hydraulic Components.

 Full EN10204/3.1 material traceability is offered for our products, backed by 3rd party accreditation from all major classification bodies.

With three locations based in Australia and a global network offering our products and service, we have the people, products and performance to help you make better connections.

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Weld Australia

Weld Australia is the peak body representing the welding industry in Australia.

Formerly known as the WTIA, it represents the welding profession of Australia.

A not for profit organisation, Weld Australia offers Training and Engineering services, Certification, Advocacy and Resources to the welding community.


Weld Australia is the Australian representative member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).


Its' vision is to enable industry, access to the leading edge of technologies for all types of joining processes through technology transfer, education and certification processes.

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Wormald Australia

Wormald Technology is a specialist in supplying and servicing the defence and marine industry. We have extensive experience in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of marine, naval and military fire protection, detection, safety and security systems.

As the defence and marine specialists, we service a large number of vessels throughout Australia, with numerous fire protection system installations, and we can offer many services including:

Lloyds registered servicing, maintenance & certification services

Specialised fire suppression, fire detection and alarm protection systems

Commercial and MIL–SPEC gas and fire detection systems

Maintenance and Servicing Services to SOLAS, IMO, International and Australian Standards.

Life safety engineering and systems, evacuation control, life raft supply and maintenance.​​

Phone- 1300 300 825

Wormald Protecting Life and Property - YouTube

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ZXR Consulting

ZXR is West Australian business dedicated to excellence in shipbuilding.


XZR provides professional management consultation, representation and digital transformation services to the shipbuilding industry.

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Absolute Office Comforts

We are a local manufacturer of standard office, custom, storage furniture & kitchens. We design & create custom furniture & Kitchens in-house, as well as stock a large range of our own unique office furniture. We are a Member of Australian Made and locally owned.  Visit our projects page on our website.


Services Provided and not limited to:

Furniture: locally manufactured in Osborne Park, Our own unique range of stocked everyday office furniture. Locally manufactured soft seating e.g. lounges, Arm Chairs, benches either standard or custom. Acoustic Fabric Privacy Booths and Fully Enclosed Meeting and phone Booths.

In-house Custom Furniture Design, R & D, Layouts, Drawings, Ergonomics, Fabric & Colour Consultation, Workflow Planning & Acoustic Solutions.

Project Management: We Project Manage every Job regardless of size, you deal with one person.

Internal Fit Outs: We supply Trades for plasterboard & glass walls, power, lighting, server & data, Flooring, Window Treatments, Plumbing, Ceilings & Signage.

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Allship Engineering

Allship Engineering has created and maintains key relationships with repair agents, manufacturers, OEM’s and logistics providers throughout Australia in key locations. These relationships are dedicated to assisting clients requiring repairs in these specific regions. 


Allship is a proud contributor to sustainment activities under the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA), LHD Asset Class Prime Contractor (ACPC), Auxiliary Oiler Replenishments (AOR) and Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) projects.


Allship staff maintain defence clearances and access to defence precincts and sites to optimise the availability and response of short-notice repairs.

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Astryx is a specialist procurement and commercial services and advisory firm that brings a breadth of experience in developing tender documentation for government clients. They have extensive experience with various Commonwealth entities, and specifically with Defence, in applying and developing procurement documentation and strategic procurement advice.  Their ability to identify and carry out the activities necessary to deliver independent, unbiased outcomes results in comprehensive, tailored solutions.


Confused about Defence requirements, tenders or where you might fit in the supply chain? Astryx can assist.

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Ausbright Electrical Solutions

Ausbright’s core capability is in delivering safe, quality, maritime electrical and engineering solutions for the Defence Industry.

Their experienced team of qualified marine electricians has extensive knowledge of the maritime landscape, including sustainment, platform upgrades, equipment fault finding and repair.


The Ausbright team are supported by an in-house engineering consultancy comprised of marine and electrical engineers.

Ausbright Electrical Solutions Australia 

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Bendtech Group

Bend-tech is a bespoke design, engineering and fabrication firm that has been servicing the Defence industry for over 20 years. A family-owned operation which has now grown to over 70 people. Bend-tech specialises

in providing innovative, engineered, and certified solutions for safety and efficiency problems to industry.

Housing both their team and local manufacturing, Bendtech operates from a spacious 10,000 sqm facility in Welshpool. Their extensive capabilities and deep involvement in the resource sector have demonstrated that their offerings are unparalleled, positioning them perfectly to contribute to the improvement and support of the Defence industry.


  • In-house design, engineering team with over 15 internal team members

  • 3D scanning, scoping, and processing capabilities

  • 10000 square metres of fabrication facilities

  • 80 tonne lifting capability, 20 metre underhook lift

  • Australia-wide consultation team and processes with over 10 team members

  • Dedicated research and development department, and 3D printing capabilities

  • Material processing capabilities including tube laser, flat bed laser and press brake


BOSS Industrial

BOSS Industrial is a major supplier of industrial, hardware and safety products to industry throughout Australia.

Our extensive product range and huge stock holding together with industry best service and delivery times has enabled BOSS Industrial to become a major supplier to the industrial, engineering, building and construction markets.

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BRE Engineering

BRE Engineering specialises in developing innovative and cost effective solutions using existing and new technologies to deliver on the following services:

Detailed Engineering Design (engineering studies, reverse engineering, Finite Element Analysis, design certification and process mapping)

Product Development (feasibility studies, project management, 2D and 3D drawings, procedures and testing)

3D Printing for extensively for design visualisation, testing and specialised applications.

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Business Base WA

Business Base is a key member of the supply chain network in Australia. Business Base provides outstanding service to businesses of all types and sizes and Local, State, and Federal Governments requiring office furniture and fit outs, shop fittings and fit outs, shelving and racking, business machines, cafe and restaurant furniture and live plant hire.


In fact, if you need any product to run your business we will have it. Our pricing model is "Best Value For Money" delivering quality products at the best prices Australia wide. 

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Core Additive

Core Additive is a leader in providing cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing solutions in Australia.


As an official reseller of Markforged equipment, they take pride in their consultative sales approach, supplying clients with a suite of Additive Manufacturing solutions and through-life support to help them enhance and optimise their business processes.

For more information please visit the company’s website:

10 Brodie-Hall Drive

Bentley, WA 6102

1300 796 757

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CSR International Services

CSR International Services is specialized in personalized strategic procurement and supply chain management consulting in the fields of Sea, Cruise, Offshore, Defence, Leisure, Mining, Oil, Gas.

Benefits of European Presence

Beneficial boots on the ground, high efficiency and quality in every area of our business.

30+ years’ experience operating in complex projects within multiple high-tech-value sectors.

Perth-born, German-based for 10+ years supporting and connecting Australian SMEs capabilities.

Procurement outsourcing equals sustainable cost-effective solutions tailored to client needs.

Well-established foreign equipment suppliers’ relationships.

Leverage first-hand market intelligence.

Project-based, long-term or interim arrangements.

Support & guidance to client’s procurement & management teams.

Supplier visits, meetings, audits, exhibitions, logistics, accelerated same-day responses.

Enhancing clients' strong branding with value-added high-tech innovative products and services differentiating from that of their competitors.

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Dobbie is a modern, innovative, Australian owned foundry and engineering complex located in Perth, WA. Established in 1940, Dobbie has been manufacturing industrial castings for the Civil, Resource, Defence, Fire Protection and Rail sectors in Australia and the Pacific region for more than 80 years. We specialise in Valves, Pump componentry, Pipe fittings, Hydrants and small run, bespoke industrial castings.

At Dobbie, we aspire to be at the forefront of Australia’s global manufacturing competitiveness, producing high quality, cost effective products. Our Vision is to: 'Work smarter, produce locally, disburse globally.'

We seek to cast ourselves as providers of the best foundry products and services across Australia, bringing value to our community and enabling our clients to strengthen their long-term bottom line. Offering turnkey solutions, Dobbie can develop projects from Concept, Design & Verification, through the production process of Patternmaking, Sand Moulding or Investment Wax, Casting, After Cast, Machining and on to Coating, Assembly and Testing.

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DTH Engineering & Consulting

DTH Engineering is driven by a sense of pride, a commitment to quality workmanship, and a thirst for knowledge.


They firmly believe in honesty, integrity, and humility, which form the foundation of all client relationships.

Their Integrated Management System governs the quality assurance and quality control processes across various stages, including design, engineering, testing, fabrication, and surface treatment. Through well-defined protocols and meticulous monitoring, DTH ensure controlled outcomes, drive innovation, and continuously improve our processes.

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Echo Marine

Echo Marine Group is an Australian owned and operated Shipbuilder and Defence sustainment solutions provider, specialising in Maritime Fitout, Flooring, Electrical, Fabrication, FRP and Engineering Services. As a Defence maritime solutions provider and luxury and commercial Shipbuilder, quality and care for Commonwealth assets is our core focus.

Established in 2010, based in the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Western Australia, they have engineered and manufactured custom solutions for the evolving needs of Defence, Maritime, Offshore and Industrial industries.


Boasting a multi-disciplined in-house team of highly skilled designers, trades and craftspeople, Echo Marine Group deliver a consistently high standard of service, engineering, workmanship and finish across all newbuild, refit, maintenance and repair projects.

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EIG Australia

Established in 2010, EIG Australia is a team of highly experienced professionals in the Electrical & Mechanical Industry. With a strong background in building hydrocarbon infrastructure in the Australian Defence Force, Mining and Industrial, and Commercial sectors, their directors bring unparalleled industry knowledge to our clients.


EIG Australia, take pride in exceeding the clients' expectations by providing tailored total solution packages. Their commitment to quality workmanship ensures that every project is completed to the highest standard, instilling confidence in the clients.


Their comprehensive range of services includes planning, design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. EIG Australia, value close collaboration with clients, working closely with them at every stage of the project to fully understand and meet their requirements.


When you choose to partner with EIG Australia, you can be confident in connecting with a team of experts dedicated to delivering quality infrastructure solutions. Their deep industry knowledge, combined with a commitment to excellence, ensures that you make the right decision for your projects.


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Engine Protection Equipment

EPE is a supplier of ancillary parts for turbines and diesel/ gas engines. Their range is specialised to the external parts of an engine for the process and control of fluids and gases.


They are both an OEM manufacturer and distributor, with goods manufactured and stored at their main site located in WA.


Founded in 1970, they are a family owned business with operating experience serving industries including marine, power generation, mining and defence. They import and export goods on a global basis.

  • Exhaust (Silencers, Bellows, Pipework, Vibration Isolation)

  • Filtration (Fuel, Oil, Air, Hydraulic, Process & Water)

  • Hose (EPDM, Silicone, Rubber & Clamps)

  • Hazardous Area (Spark Arrestors, Pneumatic Shutdown)

  • Insulation (Thermal, Acoustic and Corrosion)

  • Instrumentation (Engine Control Panels, Gauges, Switches)

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West Australian owned EXTAG supports sustainment, compliance, and all human activities that are required for infrastructure reliability, safety, and efficiency. 

With a focus on the user experience, EXTAG makes work easier for the front line workforce by using human-focused designed features such as dynamic work instructions, quality guidance, and looped back data. This results in quality data collection, better insights, and a system that people actually want to use. They have a track record in the mining, resource and energy sectors with multinational corporations.

EXTAG system provides asset visibility for tracking, maintenance, scheduling, compliance, work instructions, and reporting. Their capability edge is the rapid deployment and customized configuration, empowering immediate system utilisation, and continuous user feedback for incremental improvements.

The platform is built to scale effortlessly and can easily be customised to meet specific requirements, offering various industries tailored and adaptable solutions.

EXTAG on If Innovation Could Talk Podcast

Part 1 : Employees are People Too

Part 2 : Data Efficiency Tips: Frontline to HQ Insights



Flow Tech Australia is an engineering, specialised pipe fabrication and marine materials specialist supplier company within defence, civil and commercial orientation.


We carry out upgrades and systems maintenance on Defence / Commercial vessels, industrial systems, water industry equipment (pumps, pipes and valves).

Flow Tech Australia has the diverse expertise and technical resources necessary to provide responsive and cost-effective execution of your projects.

Our team’s experience and depth of resources will ensure successful completion.

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The Fremantle Foundry & Engineering Co.

The Fremantle Foundry and Engineering Co. (FFE) provides a wide range of marine fabrication and maintenance services to their client base across a broad cross-section of industries, in particular Defence and Commercial Maritime.


Their capabilities have been developed over more than 120 years in the shipping repair industry, underpinned by the ongoing commitment of FFE Management to the development of local skills. FFE operations are supported by their integrated quality, safety and environmental management system that is certified to the International Standards Organisation’s (ISO), 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001 standards. The operations also include a fully certified testing facility operated under NATA accreditation ISO/IEC 17025, and a DNV approved Welding and Fabrication workshop in accordance with DNV GL-CP-0352 – Approval of Manufacturers – Manufacture of Welded Products - Welding Workshop.


FFE specialise in marine propulsion services as well as repairs and overhaul of all types of marine machinery and equipment, including but not limited to ship hulls, appendages, and fittings.

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Galvins Marine & Industrial

Galvins Plumbing Supplies began in Perth in 1933, proudly a WA family owned  business boasting 21 Store location across WA and NT.

Expanding on its traditional business of domestic and commercial plumbing supplies, Galvins Marine & Industrial, harbours years of experience in the supply of specialty Pipe, Valves & Fittings for Defence, Marine, Shipbuilding & Offshore.


As your one stop plumbing supplies company, Galvins specialise in marine, industrial and mining market sectors. We stock a range of European and Australian manufactured specialist plumbing products.


  • extensive warehouse & distribution network

  • stockist of a large range of piping systems

  • experienced staff with industry knowledge

  • exclusive European distribution agencies

  • technical support & certification

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Grant Transformers

Grant Transformers is a company originally founded in 1931 in Western Australia supplying all sectors of industry with bespoke and special power solutions.

The company specialises in the manufacture and supply of Electrical Transformers (Power/ Distribution and Isolation Type) as well as special DC power supply solutions. The company is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certified.

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HD Plasma & Laser

HD Plasma & Laser Cutting Services is a leading metal fabrication and processing company based in Australia. With a deep commitment to delivering high-quality service and products, our company has built a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Our team of highly skilled professionals leverages state-of-the art CNC machinery to deliver precise plasma and laser cutting services. We specialize in processing various types of metal plates, from stainless steel to aluminum, to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Since 2009, our unwavering focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has enabled us to partner with numerous industries, including construction, mining, automotive, and more. 

At HD Plasma & Laser Cutting Services, we continually invest in the latest technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve. We believe in evolving with the industry and our clients, continually adapting our services to meet changing market demands and expectations.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner for all your plasma and laser cutting needs, and we look forward to working with you to turn your design concepts into reality.

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HoseCo is an Australian owned and operated company and a proud supplier & service provider of the Defence Sectors. HoseCo operates 5 facilities across Australia, all of which are strategically located to support their markets whether that be Defence, Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochem and General Industry. HoseCo prides itself on its Quality Assurance and producing all hose assemblies in-house. Led by ISO9001:2015, HoseCo hold an industry leading breadth of NATA Accreditation, DNV GL & Lloyds Certifications.

Complete hose management solutions:

Hose register development, management & maintenance using smart technology

Inspection services for site survey & auditing of flexible hose assemblies & associated equipment on onshore & offshore facilities

Mechanical services for site fitment or testing requirements required for shutdowns 

In-house testing and recertification's of all types of flexible hose assemblies (up to 60,000psi)

Consultancy, design & engineering services

Development and review of hose management, maintenance and supply strategies & policies

Datasheet review & development

Onsite NATA & Class approved containerised testing/assembling/fitment workshops

Inventory management & storage

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Hyperion Systems

Hyperion Systems is revolutionising the manufacturing industry through our in-house developed process that involves a large-format 3D printing technology for building large parts out of advanced polymers which are sustainable, durable, and marine-grade.


Utilising one of the largest 3D printers in the southern hemisphere, Hyperion can build parts up to nine metres in length on-demand out of a range of thermoplastic composite materials. Specific applications for this technology includes rapid tooling, moulds, plugs, formwork, prototypes and hulls.

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Incite Solutions Group

Incite Solutions Group assist Australian defence force military veterans who have been medically discharged and people who have been badly injured in the work place rebuild their capacity to work and improve their lives.


We work with clients from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, employers, Insurers and corporate organisations across the entirety of metropolitan Perth and parts of Western Australia.

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Industry OneCARD™

Industry OneCARD™ provides SME, Contractors and Primes with management of training, licence and security records to mitigate the risk of non compliance to WHS Legislation, ISO accreditations and client requirements.

Industry OneCARD™ is unique, as we not only provide an interactive software platform, we value add to client’s team, by providing specialist training administrators to perform all the data entry functions.

Allows your team to focus on your key business and let us look after your record management. 

If you think compliance is expensive , try non- compliance!​


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Kanyana Engineering Pty Ltd is a reputable metalworking business that has been specialising in metal laser cutting, bending, and fabrication since 1997. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we provide high-quality precision metalworking solutions to various industries, including commercial, industrial, mining, and defence. 

With our cutting-edge fiber laser cutting technology allowing us to achieve remarkable tolerances of 0.03mm and cut sheet sizes up to 6000mm x 2500mm, where precision components and accuracy are of utmost importance.

We also provide metal bending services using advanced bending equipment with robotic features and techniques. This enables us to achieve accurate bends and angles, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in our work. Our fabrication capabilities allow us to assemble and weld metal components, creating finished products or sub-assemblies according to customer specifications.

Implementing comprehensive Industry 4.0 documentation and tracking systems throughout the entire manufacturing process. We recognise the importance of data-driven operations and have embraced the principles of Industry 4.0 to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality control.

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Lasmo Pty Ltd is a local WA SME and aims to be the leading provider of Laser Ablation, Asset Inspection and Consultation Services in the industry by leveraging on over 80 years of experience.


We are committed to providing top-quality services through continuous training. Lasmo has a sound approach to business practices and strive for excellence in everything. This collaboration of experience and the shared commitment to take care of our environment, make us a formidable team.


Our management and co-founders are experienced and highly qualified within many different inspection and asset management disciplines.


Asset Services (Tube inspection, Lloyds, NACE, AICIP, API, IRATA)

Laser Ablation (Confined Spaces and sensitive areas), Construction & surface preparation for NDT inspections


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Luerssen Australia

Luerssen Australia (Luerssen), a subsidiary of Lürssen, is an Australian limited company created to support the Australian Naval Shipbuilding Plan to develop sovereign ship building capability in the design, manufacture and sustainment design of the SEA1180 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV), known as the Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel (ACOPV).

The ACOPV is a multirole platform. It will be the primary Australian Defence Force (ADF) asset for undertaking constabulary missions for maritime patrol & response duties. The secondary roles of the ACOPV include missions such as humanitarian assistance/disaster relief, and as a key component of an integrated task (amphibious) force.


Luerssen is building a total of 12 OPV’s split across SA and WA, with its shipbuilding partners ASC and CIVMEC respectively – built in Australia by Australians. The initial two vessels are being constructed through ASC to support a continuous shipbuilding program and preserve the shipbuilding skills for SEA5000. The remaining 10 vessels are being built through CIVMEC in the West Australian Henderson precinct.

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Marine Technicians Australia (MTA) is a highly specialised, Australian Veteran owned and operated marine-electrical company, focused on services for the Defence Maritime sector across Australia.


MTA works across numerous maritime platforms and shore-based infrastructure providing key sustainment and shipbuilding capabilities including installation, maintenance and urgent defect rectification


MTA is highly acclaimed and sought after for their urgent response deployment capability, and provision of innovative solutions. The team of dedicated engineers, technicians and electricians have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality electrical system solutions for complex problems.

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MEGT Australia

For more than 40 years, MEGT has helped support employers, apprentices, trainees, job seekers and students participate in the Australian workforce. Established in 1982, MEGT has since grown to become Australia’s largest and only national Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP).

MEGT services include:

•  Sign-up and registration of apprentices and trainees

•  Assistance with Government financial incentives that may be available

•  Accurate, efficient processing of Training Contracts & incentive claim forms

•  Access to a free online job board and employer/job seeker toolkits

•  Easy online access to apprentice and trainee records

•  Ongoing mentoring & support for employers, apprentices, and trainees.

MEGT offer a free Career Hub service for both employers and candidates including access to a Job Board, while our Mentoring teams are dedicated to ensuring the best possible completion rates for both apprentices and trainees.

With more than 60 offices across Australia, MEGT’s dedicated field officers are backed by state-based administration teams which continuously exceed Government quality and compliance benchmarks. Our completion rates are also well above the national average.  MEGT staff live in the communities which they serve, with an ethos of ensuring that nobody is left behind in terms of accessing opportunities within the Australian workforce.