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Henderson Alliance 

The HENDERSON ALLIANCE Strategic Plan for 2019-2025 sets out the vision for its future development and describes the strategies which will be put in place to transform the vision into reality.  This plan has been structured to make clear what our members and key stakeholders can expect from us and how their input into the planning process has been translated into purpose.

The Strategic Plan is essentially a roadmap for the development and delivery of capabilities and a range of services designed to meet the current and future needs and demands of HENDERSON ALLIANCE’s members.

Closely reviewed every year, the plan provides a framework upon which funding and resource allocations can be made.  The budget will also be reviewed annually within the context of this plan.

The Strategic Plan is, therefore, the overarching umbrella from which all other plans and guidelines will be based.

To ensure all plans and guidelines are developed to be consistent with current internal and external operating environments, this Strategic Plan will be subject to annual reviews and updated as required prior to the development and review of all other plans.

The Henderson Alliance is an industry group made up of volunteers committed to small businesses and endeavouring to support them to be successful not only in Defence-related industries but across all sectors. In doing so, we see the potential for many new Defence and other projects to be assigned to WA as we possess the professionalism, capacity and capabilities to perform at the world’s best standards. In turn, we see a stronger and more resilient economy for our State, bolstering future opportunities for our children.

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Board Members 

We recently held our AGM and while we have lost a very popular and hardworking board member in Mark Brown (he has moved interstate) it’s fantastic that we now have a bigger and better Board, with the addition of 4 new Directors to the existing team.

As such we are confident that we can drive better outcomes as our membership continues to grow.

Henderson Alliance Rohan Green_edited_ed

Rohan Green  

Marine Technicians Australia 


Collen YAtes.jpg

Colleen Yates

Regional Development Australia  

Deputy Chairperson 

Kareena Waters 01.1.jpg

Kareena Waters

Industry OneCARD

Board Member

Mark McLennan.jpg

Mark McLennan

Bennett & Co

Board Member

David Sirolli.jpg

Davide Sirolli

Pressure Dynamics

Board Member


Terry Gropp 

Maritime Defence Solutions 

Industry Engagement 

Greg Tan.jpg

Greg Tan

ME Services



Russell Friedman

Sign Here Sign 


Matthew Morgan.jpg

Matthew Morgan

MA Legal

Board Member

Keith Rao.JPG

Keith Rao

Luerssen Australia

Board Member

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